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_too Far West
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_Orléans je t’aime
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My practice of applied arts concerns both illustration and graphic design, specialized in typography. The Living is the core of my work.

Paris + Marseille
(+33) 6 84 79 48 00
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Lacrima [Alexander Colby_
Timo Gaessner]
Editorial Design

            Orléans je t’aime, 2022A fictional guide to the city of Orléans. We turn away from the gilding of the Loire castles and the bravery of Joan of Arc, and enter a [fictional] present, where life is less pure and wholesome than the imaginations of the nobility.

14,5 × 19 cm

TypefacesAldiviva [Victor Gérard, 2020]
Degular [James Edmondson, foundry OH no Type Co., 2020]