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My practice of applied arts concerns both illustration and graphic design, specialized in typography. The Living is the core of my work.

Paris + Marseille
(+33) 6 84 79 48 00
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Lacrima [Alexander Colby_
Timo Gaessner]
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            Eucaryotes, 2023Eucaryotes is a graphic novel based on the principle of parable.
Mushrooms and snakes join forces to exterminate the human species. This is the theory of geologist Monic Terrier. Ten witnesses support and substantiate this discovery. Then, in the final part, l'Apothéose, le Sacre, the history of the AAH [Alliance Anti Humain], its motivations and its actions are described. The story of Eucayotes is a pretext for raising awareness of ecology and the notions of Living and Non-Living.

25 × 33 cm
Print at Imprimerie Launay
Typefaces_Libre Baskerville [Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida]
_Larken [Ellen Luff]
_CMU Serif [Donald Knuth]
_Romie [Margot Lévêque]

Eucaryotes, Le Temps d’Après I
Eucaryotes, Le Temps d’Après II

Eucaryotes, diver’s testimony

Eucaryotes, geologist’s theory

Eucaryotes, 2023

Eucaryotes, part II [Témoignages]

Eucaryotes, skier’s testimony

Eucaryotes, helenist priest’s testimony

Eucaryotes, acrylic on linen, 1.60m high

Eucaryotes, part III, [Apothéose, Sacre]

Eucaryotes, AAH logo