I fell in love with illustration when i was a child. I like to vary the techniques, like digital, watercolor, pencils.


Self-portrait as an avatar.

La mécano

Portrait of my influences, between a Mad Max universe and the characters of Miyazaki.

La cocue

The blind and devoted cuckold, patient.


Rodin's kiss in a timeless dimension.

Le chien

The blind follower.

Médusa x Beatrix Kiddo

Black Mamba killed O-Ren Ishii.

Illustrated report

Series of eight illustrations in cut-out paper, each 28 by 28 centimeters. The subject is to represent the universe of the interior and the exterior of a place.




Julianne et Naeva

Les mains

Series of hands, representing each of the people close to me. A3 format, watercolor and markers.


First steps with colorex.

Cat's Alphabet

The goose in wonderland

Goose board game, readapted on a psychedelic version of Alice in Wonderland.